A Simplified Admission Process

Our licensed clinicians and facilitators create a safe and therapeutic atmosphere for clients to heal from trauma, mental health challenges, substance abuse, and drug dependency.

Admission Process at Living Stones Recovery in California

At Living Stones Recovery we recognize that taking this vital step towards recovery can bring with it anxiety, fear, and many questions.  That’s why we’ve strategically designed our admissions process to gently guide you through your initial contact, treatment options, and financial commitment.  Our goal is to make it easy on any potential client as well as their family members by being as transparent as possible.  It is our hope that by addressing all of your questions you’ll have a better understanding as to what happens during your stay with us.  We strongly encourage prospective clients and their families to call our dedicated admissions professionals in order to begin your journey towards recovery.

What to Expect During Admission

Clients and their loved ones interested in Living Stones Recovery can expect:


We understand what you are going through and promise to do everything we can to help.


We will always provide you with honest answers and information about our program.


We will explain in-detail, your insurance coverage or how your self-pay program will work.


We understand this can be a difficult time and you can lean on us. We’ll be there 24 hours a day to answer questions and help any way we can.

How It Works

Initial Contact

From the moment you make initial contact with our experienced admissions team, we want you to feel a part of our recovery family. Those interested can contact us by calling (800) 546-4577, emailing us at info@livingstonesrecovery or simply filling out the contact form.

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Treatment Options

Our certified addiction specialists will work with both the client and their families to create a personalized treatment plan based on each individual’s needs.

Financial Commitment or Insurance Verification

Admissions may ask for current insurance information to determine if a member’s benefits can support the associated cost of treatment. After reviewing all the information gathered during this initial review, our Admissions Specialist will assess whether Living Stones Recovery meets the specific and individual needs of the client and their families, and answer any remaining financial questions.

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Accepted Insurances

Affordable cash options available, from $5,000 to $15,000

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