How To Get Started With Drug Rehab in Riverside County

drug rehab riverside county

In 2019, just under 100,000 people were being treated for substance abuse disorders in California. Thankfully, the quality of centers for drug rehab in Riverside County is very high. If you’re searching for Riverside drug rehab for yourself or a loved one, you probably have many questions about how the process works. 

Living Stones Recovery offers the best addiction treatment care for all kinds of patients. You’ll be welcomed by a warm team of professionals who want to help you restore your life by treating and beating your addiction. 

Find out everything you need to know about drug rehab in Riverside County below. 

What Treatment is Available?

In Riverside County drug treatment, alcohol abuse services, and treatment for other addictions are all widely available. The main priority for you should be finding the best rehab center available that will suit your needs. 

You can rely on Living Stones Recovery to help you work through your addiction empathetically and reliably. The team of experts is trained to deal with all kinds of substance abuse disorders. You will never experience any judgment throughout your time at Living Stones. 

No addiction’s off the table when it comes to seeking treatment. From drugs to gambling to food, there is a treatment available that will help you work through this battle and come out the other side ready for a new life. 

What Addictions are Covered?

First and foremost, alcohol rehab in Riverside CA is widely available. Alcoholism is such a common addiction, and many of those suffering from it don’t always realize the effects it has on those around them. Seeking treatment for this addiction is the best way to start your recovery journey. 

You can also easily find drug addiction rehab in Riverside. As drugs become more widespread the world over, becoming addicted to them is all too easy. Thankfully, finding the right treatment for drug addiction is never too difficult thanks to the wide range of treatment options available. 

Substance abuse treatment in Riverside is accessible for those seeking rehabilitation. Whatever addiction your or your loved one is suffering from, treatment is available. 

What Should I Expect From Day One? 

At Living Stones Recovery, you can expect a warm, friendly environment from the moment you walk in the door. You don’t have to be afraid of judgment. Regardless of the phases of addiction you have been through, you will be treated with respect when you arrive at Living Stones. 

Your needs will always be taken into consideration when deciding upon the best course of treatment. You will take part in one-to-one therapy sessions, plus a wide range of helpful and therapeutic classes. These include cooking, yoga, and gardening. 

The purpose of these classes is to help take the focus off your addiction while you are taking part in the residential program. A member of the team will always be available to talk if you feel you are struggling and need a little extra help. 

You might also take part in group therapy classes. These are a great way to empathize with those on a similar journey. They will help to show you that you are not alone and that you can recover from addiction. 

Is There an Aftercare Program?

Many centers for drug addiction rehab in Riverside provide aftercare programs. These programs are incredibly necessary for those trying to overcome a substance abuse disorder. After all, the road to addiction recovery doesn’t necessarily end after residential treatment. 

A lot of Riverside County drug rehab programs offer their aftercare as part of their residential program. Aftercare may be coming back to the center for weekly counseling sessions, group therapy, or to receive necessary medication. 

Each aftercare program may look different for every person. However, it’s important to remember that you aren’t facing this journey alone and can ask for help whenever you may need it.

Who is Addiction Treatment Right For?

An addiction treatment program is right for anyone suffering from substance abuse. Alcohol and drug rehab in Riverside CA works for those who have suffered from addiction for many years, for those who have relapsed, or for those who are new to addiction. 

There are many different kinds of addiction. Drug and alcohol substance abuse disorders are well known. However, gambling, sex, and food are other types of addiction that can seriously impact a person’s life. 

Regardless of the kind of addiction you are battling, there is a treatment program available that will suit your needs. Anyone can experience addiction during their lifetime. However, this also means that anyone can overcome it, too. 

What if I am Struggling During the Program? 

Battling addiction is very difficult. If you or your loved one is struggling during their drug rehab in Riverside County, don’t worry. It is perfectly natural for this to be a tough journey. 

If rehabilitation is becoming unbearable, simply reach out to a member of the team at Living Stones Recovery. You’ll be able to talk about your struggle under the guidance of someone who truly cares. 

If you’ve decided upon the path to addiction recovery, you should pat yourself on the back. Although it is never an easy journey, deciding to get the help you need shows an incredible amount of strength and resilience. That’s why the team at Living Stones Recovery is dedicated to helping you every step of the way. 

Get the Help You Need From Drug Rehab in Riverside County Today

There are many centers for drug rehab in Riverside County. The range of Riverside County drug treatment programs might seem overwhelming. Living Stones Recovery offers the highest standard of care and is committed to helping overcome addiction with a range of treatment options. 

Regardless of what kind of addiction you or your loved one is suffering from, help is available. You will be treated with compassion and care. Never be afraid to ask for help. 

To find out more about how Living Stones Recovery can help you or a loved one, get in touch here.