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Services in Riverside, CA

It's always better to work with trusted professionals for inpatient alcohol treatment services in Riverside, CA. Living Stones Recovery provides a wide range of aftercare services that make the transition from rehab to regular life easier.

From creating an individualized aftercare plan to providing peer support, we are here to ensure a successful recovery. The facilities, amenities, and experienced health professionals at Living Stones Recovery make it one of the best outpatient treatment centers in Riverside County.

Using evidence-based therapies and compassionate care, Living Stones Recovery provides the individualized support and treatment to help individuals find lasting sobriety.

During their stay at Living Stones Recovery, our guests will be supported in identifying the recovery communities close to home. This will begin during treatment, so that at discharge, guests are already plugged in. Additionally, we offer access to one on one recovery coaching after treatment with Certified Peer Support Specialists through The Happier Life Project. Outpatient Treatment facilities are also an option as well as qualified sober living homes.

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Aftercare Services

Living Stones Recovery provides a comprehensive drug treatment recovery program in Riverside. We understand that the recovery journey doesn’t end after exiting a residential treatment program. Therefore, we offer aftercare programs to help individuals strengthen their recovery and learn how to live without drugs or alcohol.

Regular Check-Ins

The alcohol and drug rehab recovery programs include regular check-ins with our experienced staff and therapists. This consists of a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s overall well-being and lifestyle changes they may have made recently. This also includes support for any challenges they may face during their recovery process.

Individual Support

It's vital for individuals in recovery to have someone they can talk to so they don't feel alone. That is why we provide individualized support, including one-on-one therapy sessions. You'll be working with us to develop coping skills and strategies that help manage cravings and stay motivated in their recovery.

Community Reinforcement

Living Stones Recovery understands the importance of being part of a supportive community. Clients can engage in positive reinforcement activities and programs such as support groups. This helps them develop relationships with others on the same recovery journey and allows them to receive crucial advice and encouragement from their peers.

At Living Stones Recovery, expect a comprehensive and supportive aftercare program that helps you transition into a successful life of sobriety. The struggles that come with recovery can be difficult, but with the help of our experienced staff and peers, you can improve your overall quality of life.

The team at our inpatient alcohol treatment Riverside, CA, is dedicated to providing the support, guidance, and encouragement needed for lasting success. You’ll have access to various facilities in our program to assist you in living without substance abuse.

Additionally, the team you will be working with will help develop a comprehensive plan of action that best suits your needs.

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