Residential Treatment

Effective Substance
Abuse Treatment
in Riverside, CA

Our facility welcomes guests and ensures 24/7 care, including sleeping arrangements, meals, medical attention, and clinical treatment. You’ll receive a comfortable bedroom with a closet, storage drawers, and all the necessary toiletries. Our services include meals and restorative treatments like outings, yoga sessions, meditation, and artistic expression. Group learning, individual therapy, hypnotherapy, and peer support are also part of the services in our detox center in Riverside County.

Residential Treatment

Here at Living Stones Recovery, our drug rehab centers in Riverside, CA take a more holistic approach to rehabilitation. A holistic approach incorporates different modalities, such as medical care, individual counseling, and group therapy. All of these together can help individuals recover from addiction.

One On One Counseling

You can explore your options, dreams, and goals with our licensed counselors and therapists at our rehab center in Riverside, CA. Through Motivational Interviewing, you will realize that you hold the keys to your recovery within!

We can put in touch with many resources for solutions to challenges such as legal, health, relational, financial, and spiritual. We address all areas of life.

Therapeutic Art Experience

Creative expression opens the mind and heart to a sense of play, freedom, and authenticity.

At our rehab centers in Riverside, CA we employ the skills of an art therapist who brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into how art can heal. Vision boards, God Boxes, Collage, Color Therapy, Indigenous Arts, and more get our guests into the Flow state.

Synergistic Group Experiences

Group experiences utilize the power of synergy. Synergy is ``the interaction or cooperation of two or more elements to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.``

In groups, guests at our rehab centers in Riverside, CA experience deep listening, insight into the reality of others, empathy, and the liberating power of honesty. Social support and friendship are at the core of recovery.

Daily Yoga Experience

The therapeutic benefits of yoga are now indisputable. The yoga instructor in our residential treatment centers in Riverside County is a 500-hour Registered Yoga Instructor. She meets everyone precisely where they are, from complete beginner to advanced. The philosophy of yoga is to energize the body's natural healing abilities through breath and expansion. Our program also studies the philosophies of health which accompany the practices of poses.

Cooking Classes

Each of our guests in our drug rehab centers in Riverside, CA, is encouraged to connect with good memories surrounding food and family recipes. Staff assists them in getting the ingredients, and then the group works together to support the client in creating a positive memory. Ethnic and ancestral ties are celebrated and shared in this positive, service-oriented activity.


Living Stones Recovery offers an enclosed garden area, with benches for planting seeds, shaded raised bed planters and a small orchard area. Guests are encouraged to make connections with the patience and joy derived from seeing something slowly grow, just as they are growing one day at a time.

Start Your Journey
To Recovery

Asking for help is an important starting point of your recovery. To help ease any concerns about the initial phone call, our coordinators will guide you through a free, confidential assessment.

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